Playmobil Top Agents
Series 3

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US (Mainly)


Agent General - Bradley James
Agent P - Santiago Cabrera
Agent Spy - Alfred Molina
Agent Grip - Jay Baruchel
Agent Sub - Brad Pitt
Agent Sky - Monica Bellucci
Jet Girl - Alice Krige
Dr. Devil - Colin Morgan
Rocket Master - Damian Levis
Prof. Crazy - unknown
Master Cam - Nicolas Cage
Sagent - unknown
The Phantome - unknown
Captain - unknown

Playtime per episode



Steven Spielberg


Alex Medtlek


Brickmotion studios


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Title music

Playmobil Top Agents Theme Tune
Moscow Covered version
Funky Boogy

Playmobil Top Agents is a 1h running time series of the Playmobil-theme Top Agents. it also inludes the ghost pirates, the pirates, the romans and the old egypt.


Actor Character German
Colin Morgan Dr. Devil David Nathan
Bradley James
Geoffy Rush
Agent General
Captain Barbossa
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß
Santiago Cabrera Agent P Ozan Ünal (speaking US accent)
Jay Baruchel Agent Grid Markus Off
Brad Pitt Agent Sub Tobias Meister
Alfred Molina Agent Spy Hanz Schwarz (speaking like a diing guy)
Monica Bellucci Agent Sky Schaukje Könning
Orlando Bloom Two Face Leon Boden
Alice Kriege Jet Girl Jelena Mitschke
Nicolas Cage Master Cam/ Agent Cam Oliver Wnuk
Damian Levis Rocket Master Martin Umbach
unknown Sergant Guiliana Jakobeit
unknown Captain Gerhard Jilka
unknown Professor Crazy Claus Brockmeyer
unknown The Phantome Christian Rode
Jonny Depp Captain Jack Sperrow Markus Off
unknown Top Agents KT chief unknown

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Unlike to series 1, 2 and 4, Dr. Devil isn't syncronized by Wolff in germany, he's syncronized by Nathan.

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