Cast & Crew
James Bond: Christian Bale (Origininal Bond)
Daniel Craig (Craig Bond)
Director: Alex Medtlek
Producer(s): Alex Medtlek
Writer(s): Ian Fleming (Characters)
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Theme song:
Theme composer:
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Facts & Figures
Distributed By: Brickmotion Studeos,
Released: 2018
Running Time:
Preceded By: Bond 25
Followed By: Goldman

Rebirth is set to be released in Summer 2018. This will be the 26th film in the James Bond film series. Christian Bale will return as the James Bond seen from Dr. No to Die Another Day, while the movie will show off the background of the Craig Bond.


The story is mostly about the long lost original bond returning to MI6 after remembering his past he forgot by an amnesian coma. He's very surprised about the changes at MI6, including all his affilated persons being replaced by younger persons. Then he finds out his nephef, wich was named after him, replaced him as 007. Bond gets reinvolved as an secret agent and is sent on a mission together with 007. After a lot of battles and reseach, 007 gets shot by their new enemy, the mysterious Phantome, and dies in his uncles hands. In deep anger, Bond beats Phantome in a sword battle, killing him. He then brings 007 back to MI6, to everyones sadness. He they gets ordered in M's office, where he's promoted to the new 007 again. He's also told there 007 wasn't his nephef but his son, wich was given to Bond's brother because of Tracy's death, wich lead to Bond being unable to care for him. Bond, who always thought his son was kipnapped and never found, was angry at M for never telling him, but shortly after that saying it wasn't his fold but the fold of the prior M's.


Christian Bale as James Bond Sr.
Daniel Craig as James Bond Jr.
More cast members curruntly unknown


This is the first Craig movie to feature a regular gunbarrel shot at the beginning (every other movie features it at the end or non-regular, like Casino Royale). It's also the first bond movie ever to feature the gunbarrel twice, with the sequence playing at the end again starring Christian Bale.