James Bond is a licensed theme after the James Bond film series. It will have about 40 subthemes at least.


Dr. No (2014)Edit

Search for the secret files
M's Office
Bond's Arrival
Teamup with Felix
Beach Encounter
Dragon Fight
Dr. No Dinner
The Final Duel

From Russia with Love (2014)Edit

Goldfinger (2015)Edit

Thunderball (2016)Edit

You Only Live Twice (2016)Edit

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (2017)Edit

Diamonds Are Forever (2018)Edit

Live and Let Die (2019)Edit

The Man with the Golden Gun (2019)Edit

The Spy Who Loved Me (2020)Edit

Moonraker (2021)Edit

Plane Transport
Parachute Battle
Astronaut Training Center
Venice Boat Chase
Secret Lab
Rio Cable Railway Battle
Moonraker 6
Space Station
Astronaut Laser Fight

For Your Eyes Only (2021)Edit

Octopussy (2022)Edit

A View To Kill (2023)Edit

The Living Daylights (2024)Edit

License to Kill (2025)Edit

GoldenEye (2025)Edit

Tomorrow Never Dies (2026)Edit

The World Is Not Enough (2027)Edit

Die Another Day (2028)Edit

Casino Royale (2029)Edit

Quantum of Solace (2030)Edit

Skyfall (2031)Edit

Skyfall Lodge
Beach Village
Train Fight
Car Chase in Turkey
Glass Room Encounter
Macao Casino Fight
Shooting Competition
Bond's Ship Capture
MI6 Underground Base
Underground Chase
Court Fight

Bond 24 (2015, 2032)Edit

Bond 25 (2017, 2032)Edit

Rebirth (2018, 2033)Edit

Goldman (2020, 2034)Edit

Bond 28 (2022, 2034)Edit

Bond 29 (2023, 2035)Edit

Bond 30 (2024, 2036)Edit

Goldman Returns (2026, 2036)Edit

Zero Minus Ten (2027, 2037)Edit

The Facts of Death (2028, 2038)Edit

High Time to Kill (2029, 2039)Edit

Doubleshot (2030, 2039)Edit

Never Dream of Dying (2031, 2040)Edit

License Renewed (2033, 2040)Edit

For Special Services (2035, 2041)Edit

Alien Sword (2037, 2041)Edit

World Invasion - Special Mission (2038, 2042)Edit


Minifigure GalleryEdit