Flyman is a fictional character from the Colt-Universe. He is the son of Christoph Flug, leader of Flug Technologies. To rostore the honor he got from his father, he wanted to build a teleporter, wich actually worked. Unfortunatly, he used it together with a fly, giving him special fly powers like wall climbing, fly sence or the facette view. He later uses unfinished technology from Flug Technologies to build a fly suit, giving him the ability to fly.

List of ActorsEdit

Actor Years Featured in
William Moore 2041-2047 Flyman
Flyman II - Flylow
School's Club II - Snowdragon
Jack Derson 2048-2077 Eelman II - Return of Calamari
Heroes League Episode I
Heroes League Episode II
Heroes League Episode III
Heroes League Episode IV
Heroes League Episode V
Heroes League Episode VI
Heroes League Episode VII
Christopher Moore 2107-2116 Flyman
Flyman 2
Heroes League
Flyman 3
Heroes League 2