Commander Past is a fictional character from the Colt-Universe. He is from the Roman Empire, out of the year 1 BC. From there, he was found by Captain Future, so he could join the TimeTeam. He also has telepathic powers.

List of ActorsEdit

Actor Years Featured in
Julio Cesar 2067-2079 TimeTeam
TimeTeam 2
TimeTeam 3
TimeTeam Forever
TimeTeam (Season 1+2)
Pedro Hussido 2081-2092 TimeTeam (Season 3-7)
Trevor Gilbert 2095-2098 TimeTeam (Season 8+9)
Hugh Robins 2110-2130 TimeTeam (Season 10-13)
TimeTeam 5
TimeTeam Origins - Commander Past
TimeTeam 6 - The Wrath of BlackKnight
TimeTeam 7 - The Search for Mr. Present
TimeTeam 8 - The Voyage to the Hometime
TimeTeam 9 - The Final Frontier
TimeTeam 10 - The Undiscovered Time